Join us and sample some delicious pasta and other traditional Italian dishes. We will be serving a selection of salads, Italian specialities such as aubergine parmigiana, and traditional favourites such as steak sandwiches with modern, tasty additions.

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Al Dente - Pasta Bar

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types of pasta

Which Type of Pasta Is Your Favourite?

Linguine, Rigatone or Spaghetti?

When people come to Al Dente, choosing a topping for their pasta is only half the struggle! We offer delicious fresh sauces, as well as an assortment of toppings such as salmon, pancetta or aubergine. The main struggle for us, however, is picking a pasta. The choice of pasta is important. Different kinds of pasta compliment different toppings!

Here are our top picks for each sauce.

type of pasta

We hope to see you when we open. Come and enjoy your favourite pasta dishes or create your own.

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