Fresh pasta Artisans of Norwich

About The Pasta Bar & Kitchen

Our Artisans make fresh pasta every day by hand in our kitchen to guarantee that you always find the highest standard Fresh Pasta made by using 100% top quality Italian ingredients.

Far from the outdated stereotype of Italian Cuisine, Al Dente’s menu reflects the modern and vibrant Italian gastronomic scene, whilst our Kitchen has a strong Sicilian influence, the menu embraces traditional and contemporary recipes from any region. Our menu changes regularly so you are always sure to find something new to tickle your taste buds.

Our deli shop offers an extensive range of top brands Italian products, from the Finest olive oils and Sauces to freshly homemade focaccia and cured meats, and of course our Fresh pasta to cook at home freshly made for you to order.

Brace yourself for a true Italian Experience

Meet The Team

Adriano Turco


After a long career travelling all over Europe working for the top names in hospitality, young Sicilian restauranteur Adriano, driven by his passion for honest and authentic Italian food, founded Al Dente Pasta Bar & Kitchen in 2017 as the only Fresh Pasta Artisan Restaurant in Norwich and the surrounding area.